Columbus Ohio Family Portraits at the Whetstone Park of Roses

Children, Family

Extended family sessions are my absolute favorite! They offer an excuse for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone else to get together and make some wonderful memories. This is a huge deal, especially if family members don’t live near one another.

During an extended family session, I witness all kinds of happy moments. Grandparents get to chase and connect with their grandchildren. Kids get to play with cousins they haven’t seen in a while. Parents get to relax as they watch their loved ones have a blast together. 

Recently, I received an email from Shobit who asked me if I was available on a Wednesday morning, two weeks away. I’m usually booked way in advance, on the weekdays and the weekends. Fortunately, however, I was available to bring Shobit’s extended family session to life. 

This was very exciting for him because he lives in New York but his extended family was meeting up in Columbus, the halfway point for everyone. They booked an AirBnB to celebrate their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Everyone, including three grown sons and their families were included. The photoshoot was held at the beautiful Columbus Park of Roses.

I am so honored that Shobit chose me to capture these precious moments. If you’d like to schedule an extended family session in the Columbus area, I encourage you to learn more about the packages I offer, and to get in touch.

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