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Why Book a Family Photography Session?

I’m obsessed with family photography sessions. Yes, you ready that correctly! Families are the bread and butter to my photography business. But I know if you’ve never participated in this type of session before, you may not know what to expect or really why family photography sessions are so popular. 

In this post, I’m going to share with you why a family photography session can be so special. I want you to know that I speak of this from first-hand experience. My journey as a photographer began when I became a mom myself, and I felt frustrated by the quality of my mobile phone photos. In 2018 I was gifted my first DSLR, and began taking pictures of anything and anyone who would put up with the camera in their face. I was absolutely hooked on capturing the true essence and beauty of people with my lens. I started organically offering photography sessions for friends, and the rest is history!

Here’s why to book a family photography session!

1. You can capture the entire family candidly 

It’s almost impossible to freeze time and capture a precious family memory on your own… because you won’t be in the photograph! This is a big reason my clients come to me! I’ve spoken with countless parents who have expressed that they really don’t have any photos of the entire family because they’re the ones always taking the photos! 

The thing about my approach is that I am here for the real. The real tickle giggles your child gets when you’re playful. The real tear in your eye that appears every time you talk about how you met your significant other. I’m here for the natural, the real and the candid. That doesn’t mean we won’t also play with poses. But above all else, I’m here to organically capture you and your family’s true essence exactly as you are. 

2. You have the artistic eye of a professional on your side 

The thing about working with a professional family photographer is that you get the benefits of an experienced, artistic eye! For example, I have extensive education on how to choose the best portrait locations based on light. Understanding the lighting and location of the sun and how it impacts your images is one of the most (if not the most) important things about capturing beautiful images. This is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to capturing memories to last a lifetime. 

Another thing that a professional photographer can help you with is finding flattering poses for you that you feel comfortable and confident in, based on what they’ve seen and know captures well! 

Having the eye of a professional will almost guarantee that you are pleased with your finished images!

3. It removes the stress of memories passing you by 

I’m sure if you’re a fellow parent, you agree… time starts to literally fly by when you add kids to the mix! I love that my family sessions remove the stress for parents worried that their precious memories with their kids are passing them by.  

Let’s face it… us parents are busy! We don’t necessarily remember to pull out our camera to capture our memories when we’re caught up in the priorities of our daily life! 

Think of 2020, for example, where our kids grew and changed, but we weren’t necessarily able to celebrate and capture these moments. This is just an example of why family photo sessions are so precious! 

Stop worrying about your precious memories passing you by and book a family photo session today!

4. It provides you with gorgeous, high-quality memories 

There’s nothing compared to having a professional session! Remember when I told you about my frustration with my mobile phone camera when I first became a mom? Not much has changed! 

Smartphone cameras are decent, but they’re no match for having professional photos taken. 

Especially if you want to print your memories for wall art, gorgeous albums, or other printable projects, having high-quality professional images will turn those memories into masterpieces! 

5. It’s a relaxing, fun family bonding experience

I know it may not seem fun and relaxing to you, as you frustratedly try to take your kids’ photos on holidays. But having a family photo session with a professional takes the stress off of your plate, allowing for a fun bonding experience.

I am very passionate about my clients’ experiences from the beginning to the end of the session. Clear communication and organization are two of my main priorities. During my “Mini Session” days, I typically have my assistant join me to help direct you to our location and make sure you have everything you need. Rest assured, we won’t start shooting until you feel present and comfortable. 

I also have rich experience with children of all ages and pride myself on my ability to really welcome each child as an individual and respect their individuality and comfort levels during the session. 

Ready to book a beautiful family session? 

Hi! I’m Lauren Hillery, an award-winning central Ohio family photographer with an absolute passion for capturing my clients’ true essence, beauty and love for one another. 

Whether you’re looking to capture a candid moment of your children together, or you’d like a full family portrait, I’m here to support you! 

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