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10 Midwives, Doulas, and Birthing Centers in Columbus Ohio

I’ve rounded up 10 Midwives, Doulas, and Birthing Centers in Columbus Ohio!

Making the decision to have a natural birth at home or in a birthing center is a very personal choice. However, it is equally important to note that home births and birthing centers are typically recommended for expectant mothers who are considered low-risk. If you are unsure whether you fall into the low-risk category, consult a healthcare provider before making your decision. Below is a list of certified midwives, doulas, and birthing centers, all located in Columbus or central Ohio for those mamas who are looking for a more personalized and natural birthing experience!


Based out of Columbus, Eliza Kay is a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) specializing in birthing outside hospitals. She offers a comprehensive home birth program for expectant mamas. Additionally, she offers a program called centering birth where parents can come together for three months of education, support, and community. Eliza Kay’s journey to becoming a midwife began after the planned home birth of her daughter turned into a cesarean. She quickly saw the need for mamas to have more access to homebirth care, postpartum healing and lactation support.

Eliza’s clients in the Columbus area have the option of working with her for homebirth and monitrice services. But she also offers online coaching to clients who are within a one-hour radius of Columbus. 

To find more information about working with Eliza Kay, you can visit her website, here!

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Lora Hart is also a CPM, based in Columbus. She provides a full range of birthing services for expectant mothers through her business, Ohio Home Birth. Are you just outside Columbus? Lora Hart will travel to work with her clients within a 45-minute radius! She approaches her birthing services from the midwifery model of care while respecting her mama’s decisions and wishes. Lora believes that childbirth is a family experience.  She also believes in informed consent and that childbirth is a natural physiological process. Lora also provides a beautiful range of postpartum care for you and your baby right in your own home. How amazing is that? No worrying about dragging your sweet newborn to the outside world.

Lora begins working with her mamas right at 37 weeks and provides labor support either in your home or at the birthing center of your choice. To get in touch with Lora Hart you can find her contact information here!


Choice midwives is a collective of 7 midwives who have served central Ohio for over 40 years. Their model of care is to monitor the physical, psychological, and social well-being of mamas throughout the duration of their childbearing cycle. Choice Midwives’ services range from providing mamas with education, counseling, prenatal care, and hands-on assistance during labor and delivery as well as postpartum support. Their approach is to minimize any technological interventions while you are in their care. Additionally, they are able to identify and refer women who may need obstetric care. Their overall model is a woman-centered approach which has been proven to reduce birth injury, trauma, and the need for a cesarean section

To find a comprehensive list of services for Choice Midwives, including home birth, birth doulas, childbirth education, and monitrice assistance, you can find them online here!


Vine of Life is run by Nicole Young. She is a CPM who prides herself on providing unparalleled care for mamas and their families. Her philosophy of care is client-centered, always taking direction from mama’s wishes for their upcoming birth and creating a custom-tailored plan personalized to each mama. Nicole also believes that birth is empowering and can be a very natural process. In addition to midwife services, Vine of Life also offers birth doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation services, and placenta encapsulation. You can “meet” Nicole and the entire team of Vine of Life, by visiting their website here.


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Birthing Instinct is a comprehensive holistic home birth support team who serves mamas in Columbus and Central Ohio. Cortnie Swies, the owner of Birthing Instinct is a CPM whose focus is on traditional home birth and midwifery. She supports and welcomes all births while striving to preserve the physiological birth process. Cortnie’s services are unique in that she offers to support with home birth, birth centers, and hospital births. She also works with mamas of multiples, water births, medicated & unmedicated births, interventive & non-interventive births, cesarean births, high-risk birth, family-centered cesarean support, TOLAC and planned cesarean support and mamas with gestational diabetes. As far as midwives in Columbus go, Cortnie offers to the most well-rounded list of services! For a complete list of her education, training, and certifications, you can visit her website at this link.


Tree of Life is a family birth center that works with women with low-risk pregnancies to offer a safe & natural, personalized birth experience. Their team is comprised of certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) who pride themselves on providing only the highest quality of care while you are birthing. Their center features home-like birthing suites with queen-size beds and tubs for hydrotherapy as well as birthing. They also include a family waiting area and a kitchenette in order to create a comfortable family-friendly atmosphere for the arrival of your baby. Tree of Life promotes natural childbirth without the use of pain medications or epidurals. During labor, they provide their mamas with comfort by practicing ambulation and relaxation techniques including tubs, showers, meditation, aroma therapy, and music therapy. They also encourage you to seek the support of your family or doula during labor. 

For a list of their frequently asked questions, or to contact Tree of Life Family Birth Center, you can find them online here.



The Ohio Midwives Alliance is a professional organization that recognizes the support and practice of midwifery in all settings. The Midwives Alliance is a great first step to take when deciding to work with a midwife for your labor and birth.  On the Ohio Midwives Alliance website, you can search for midwives in Columbus and beyond! The Ohio Midwives Alliance also provides additional resources for parents including a list of questions to ask a prospective midwife before making the decision to work with them, and a full definition of the midwife model of care. Their mission is to promote research and spread evidence-based information regarding the safety of midwifery care and home births.


Elaine Tucker is a Columbus Birth Doula who helps families achieve calm & confident births in central Ohio. Elaine works as a source of support for her laboring mamas with home births, or hospital births.  Elaine’s approach to being a home birth doula is to honor the birthing process while keeping it sacred. She also tailors her services by providing support post-birth in order to heal and recuperate. This can range from caring for family, meal prepping, cleaning up, helping with older children, and much more! It is important to note that Elaine is not a care provider or midwife and that she does not attend unassisted home births as a doula. Her home birth services work best alongside your chosen midwife! For more information on birth doula support and certified lactation counseling, you can visit Columbus Birth Support via their website, here!


Caroline Pitts is a DONA-certified birth doula who serves the greater Columbus area!

She believes each birth is different and unique and that all birthing persons should work side by side with a doula to achieve their desired path in labor and birth. Caroline supports all birth plans; un-medicated, medicated, home birth, hospital birth, cesarean, and any unique need in between. Her approach is to provide emotional, physical, and information support in order to have the healthiest childbirth that you desire. Caroline offers a birth doula package, as well as a labor doula package. Inclusions for each of these packages, as well as total pricing, can be found on her website here! Caroline’s services are best paired with the midwife of your choice.


Love Birth Services is an inclusive pregnancy, birth, and healthcare support service doula located in Columbus, Ohio. Love Birth Services is owned and operated by Jessica Love. Her approach to care is through dedication to the community effort of improving birth and healthcare-related outcomes for families. Her interests also include herbal remedies and holistic healthcare. Additionally, Jessica is an advocate for bodily autonomy, and informed consent. She works with families in a genuine manner so that they can feel comforted and relaxed throughout their time together. For a complete list of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum support, you can find Jessica Love online here!

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Freestanding birthing centers or “birthing centers” are licensed as Health Care Facilities in Ohio.  The rules for birthing centers are set forth in Chapter 3701-83 of the Ohio Administrative Code in rules 3701-83-33 through 3701-83-42.  Birthing centers are limited to serving “low risk” expectant mothers. But may provide services during pregnancy, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period.  A physician or a certified nurse midwife in collaboration may direct birthing center patient services with a physician.” –

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