How to Find a Trusted Babysitter in Columbus

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There is a recurring theme that I see over and over in my work with families in Columbus. Tired parents who need a few minutes of alone time! And I get it. Parenting littles is exhausting, draining, and all-encompassing. It’s also the most rewarding thing we will ever do in life. As a mom myself, I know the struggle of wanting to nurture our children and give them the happiest, healthiest life possible, while also making sure that my own needs are met. But you can’t pour from an empty cup! Your cup has to be full before you pour into your family. And that includes spending time out with your partner, a girl’s night out, or even just a solo shopping trip! So I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ways to find a trusted babysitter in Columbus, in the blog below!


You are going to LOVE this one! “Why Juggle” or Juggle LLC is actually an app created by four local moms from Columbus! I love supporting other local women in business. So when I heard about this app, I couldn’t wait to give it a try! The app lets you search for and schedule a babysitter. But their process of listing profiles for available sitters varies greatly from the other big-name brands. Because they personally vet and train each of their sitters before they list their profile within the app. How amazing is that?!

Juggle interviews each of their candidates and trains them via webinars. So the babysitter you hire using Juggle has been formally trained and vetted by the founders of the app!  Additionally, that green check mark that you see on sitters profiles? That only appears on their profile when they have paid to have an in-depth background check performed. I don’t know about you, but that gives me total peace of mind in hiring the right sitter for my children!

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Amanda Knapp is a former nanny located in Columbus, and she is the founder of Sitting Made Simple LLC! Amanda started the business in a very grassroots way, using the telephone! She started by making calls to connect the local sitters she knew from her time as a nanny to the families who desperately needed their services! Sitting Made Simple started with five sitters and eight families. In just five years’ time, it grew to over 260 sitters and 1,200 families. From that, there was only one more thing to tackle, the online space! In 2010 Sitting Made Simple emerged in the digital space and has grown and extended to different areas of the country. 

Much like Juggle, Sitting Made Simple also performs thorough background checks on each of their sitters. With each of their sitters being personally vetted by the founder, Amanda Knapp! Through the vetting process, Amanda interviews and trains each potential sitter. Part of Amanda’s process with bringing sitters on board for Sitting Made Simple is that she requires each sitter to have a background check and a CPR certification. Actually, it’s not just a requirement, it’s mandatory!


Facebook groups can be an amazing resource to get feedback from other local parents on their experiences with, well, just about anything! Especially if you are new to the area or in need of some mom friends. But if you really want to hire a great local babysitter, that other moms can vouch for, asking for recommendations in this group, is a great way! Check the full list of group rules before getting posting your “ISO recommendations for a Columbus Babysitter”.  You may start to see a trend in the replies that you receive with moms shouting out the same amazing sitter or local service that they’ve used for their babies. Or, you may get a list of 50 sitters from 50 different parents.

If you find yourself in a later situation don’t be afraid to ask the moms who have replied if you can send them a DM asking for more feedback. You’ll want to ask specific questions like how the kids liked the recommended babysitter, what type of activities they did during their time together, what your kids disliked about them, and how that family originally started working with the babysitter. Of course, don’t forget to ask if the family would work with the recommended sitter again in the future!


So many moms and families in Columbus, Ohio have a great community within their faith. If you are lucky enough to count yourself as somebody who is part of one of these amazing networks, then there are probably friends and families involved in your church that you’ve known for years. Whether in passing or through generations. I can’t tell you how many local friends I’ve met whose parents knew my parents! This is the perfect scenario for asking someone you trust for recommendations on a babysitter! You wouldn’t believe how many people will tell you about a cousin, or a son or daughter coming home from college who is looking to earn a few extra dollars! And if you are new to the area and don’t know who to ask, post a flyer on your church’s bulletin board or dedicated online space!

If the thought of asking for a recommendation on a babysitter located in Columbus leaves you feeling uneasy (I get it, they are your babies after all)! I’ve compiled a list of questions to help you in the process!

These questions can be used when asking for a recommendation for a babysitter in Columbus!

  • How did you originally find the babysitter?
  • How old were your children at the time of working with the babysitter?
  • How frequently did you work with this babysitter?
  • Over what period of time did you work with the babysitter?
  • Are you still working with the babysitter? If not, why not?
  • Did you find the babysitter to be mature, reliable, and responsive?
  • Can you give me an idea of their personality? Were they energetic? Warm? Upbeat? Strict?
  • What did your kids like about the babysitter?
  • Was there anything your kids disliked about the babysitter?
  • Did the babysitter leave your house in a tidy state? [Toys and games picked up?]

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