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Searching for Pediatricians in Columbus Who Are Caring & Dedicated?

Are you currently searching for Pediatricians in Columbus who are caring and dedicated? It can be so difficult to find the right pediatrician who is a match for your family and the style in which you like to parent. I’m sure you’ve probably even already received several recommendations. But they might’ve left you wondering if those pediatricians offer the personalized approach that you are looking for. I’ve put together a complete list of 11 pediatricians in Columbus who are dedicated to making sure that your children receive the best healthcare possible! Scroll through the blog for more!

Central Ohio Primary Care | Pediatrics

I had to put this one at the top of the list! Central Ohio Primary Care Pediatrics believes in giving your child a healthy start while helping parents navigate the many ins and outs of the healthcare system. Their comprehensive care extends to infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. They have 24 locations throughout Central Ohio. They accept a slew of different insurances, but you’ll want to check with the practice you’ll be visiting first because not every provider accepts every insurance! You can view their health library where they share a variety of articles including subjects on nutrition, potty training, and teen driving safety.

Powell Pediatric Care

Powell Pediatrics focuses on healthcare for children from birth through their adolescence. They create an open and honest environment at their practice. This allows them to craft a personalized approach to your child’s healthcare. The thing I love most about Powell Pediatrics is that they offer what they call “Pediatric Support Centers”. These are for children that might need emergency care and help you avoid the emergency room altogether! Powell’s staff of nurses & physicians also works with parents to make sure that you have all the information needed in order to make the best, most informed decision about your child’s healthcare!



Pediatric Associates, Inc

Pediatric Associates opened their doors in 1960, and they have been vigilant about the healthcare of the children of Columbus ever since! The founding pediatricians were on a mission to open the best healthcare service on the east side of Columbus. Additionally, they were one of the first practices in Columbus to bring a female pediatrician on board. How amazing is that?! Today, Pediatric Associates‘ goal is to make each and every family feel welcome and at home in their office. When you visit here you’ll see familiar faces that will greet you with a warm hello! Their commitment to your child’s healthcare also extends to the online space, where you can navigate their website to find, well, pretty much anything and everything related to your child’s health!

Olentangy Pediatrics

At Olentangy Pediatrics, you’ll find that their approach is centered around medical care that takes a physiological approach. Olentangy’s staff is made up of ​​9 physicians, 2 child psychologists, triage nurses, medical assistants, and many behind-the-scenes administrative professionals. You can schedule your child’s well visit up to six months in advance, and any sick calls will be scheduled on the same day, in the order by which they received your call. As a parent, I love how their sick call policy gives me peace of mind! For a comprehensive list of the insurances they accept, as well as their policies on scheduling appointments, you can visit them online here!

Professional Pediatrics of Hilliard

Professional Pediatrics of Hilliard takes a dedicated approach to provide your child with healthcare from birth to age 19! If you call in for a sick appointment, you will immediately be connected to a nurse who can best assess your child’s current condition in order to direct you to the best care possible. On their website, you’ll find access to pediatric nutrition classes, as well as resources for the proper dosage of children’s medications! For more information on the types of insurance accepted here and access to telehealth visits, follow this link!

Ohio Center for Pediatrics | Dublin

At the Ohio Center for Pediatrics in Dublin, you’ll find that they provide a comprehensive approach not only to children’s health but to the entire family. Their mission is to promote the healthy growth and development of each child under their wing. They accomplish this through an open relationship with parents so that you feel valued and supported throughout your visit and beyond. Compassion is the driving force behind the care of their board-certified pediatricians in Columbus! On their website, you’ll find resources for pediatric asthma education, and you can even take a virtual tour of their practice!

Dublin Pediatrics

If you are looking for the most personalized approach to your child’s healthcare, then you’ll find it at Dublin Pediatrics. Here Dr. Michael C. Loar is a solo practitioner! He provides pediatric care and also specializes in adolescent medicine. The best part? He is on call 24/7 for his existing patents. It doesn’t get much better than that! Dr. Loar begins to care for newborns at 8-10 days after birth and then continues to follow up at 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. After your child’s first birthday you can expect to visit on a yearly basis in order to check up on your child’s healthcare and development.

Pediatric and Adolescent Practitioners | Central Ohio Primary Care in Gahanna Ohio

Prenatal visits, infant care, breastfeeding classes, child care adolescent care, pediatric, and adolescence practitioners have your family covered for every stage of growth! Their mission is “come grow with us” and they’ve dedicated themselves to following that through with the best commitment to pediatric service that you can find. Pediatric and Adolescent Practitioners work closely with families to make sure that you are accomplishing mutual goals. If you are currently in the pre-natal stage of parenting they encourage you to call them to schedule a tour of their office. During which you are more than welcome to ask any questions! For more information on making Pediatric Adolescent Practitioners your child’s healthcare hub, you can find them online here!

Riverside Pediatric Associates

If you love the idea of having access to all of your child’s needs online, then Riverside Pediatric Associates is the place for you! They have a library of links available for parents on their website. This includes everything from bill pay to resources, pediatric handbooks, your patient portal, and a library of videos on health and wellness topics! At Riverside Pediatric Associates, they provide in-depth care on the development of your child. They also focus on preventative care as well as care for acute illnesses. For a regular checkup, you should plan to schedule an appointment up to 3 months in advance. To get in touch with them, or to browse their library of videos on health tips, you can find them online here!

Eastglen Pediatrics

Looking for pediatricians in Columbus that are accepting new patients? Good news! Eastglent Pediatrics can help! Even better news, they accept most insurances. The staff of Eastglen Pediatrics is comprised of board-certified pediatricians as well as highly trained nurses. You’ll find that their support staff, including administration, is friendly, courteous, and beyond helpful. They work closely with parents to make sure that your thoughts and feedback have been received. Once you are in the door at Eastglen Pediatrics, you are practically family!

Building Blocks Pediatrics

Last, but certainly, not least is Building Blocks Pediatrics! Building Blocks stays up to date with the latest advances in the field of pediatrics, all while keeping parents and families well informed through personal relationships and education. The care they provide is top quality. Additionally, Building Blocks also has a close personal relationship with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. If a recommendation for a specialist is required for any reason, Building Blocks will be able to make sure that you are placed in good hands.



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